Thursday, August 30, 2012


         Today is the start of our finals exam. Doomsday for some people perhaps? Well for me it was too! HAHA! I did a lot of studying and slept a little late so for my outfit today, I just went for a simple swaged up look I guess? People who are zombies in the morning will totally understand this crisis. You just wouldn't have the mood to dress up and look extra stunning. I literally just jumped off my bed and got the first things I saw in my closet. The shirt Im is actually a "pambahay" shirt. I just thought that it would look good in my simple swag get up. I wear something like this only if I feel lazy dressing up and have no time to fix myself. So do I get a hype? :)

                                     Shirt from Hanes ; Jeans from Social Collision ; Shoes from Vans
                                                                       Bracelets from H&M
                                                                              Cap from H&M

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