Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Red For A Change

        Today was one unplanned day! So earlier today, my friends and I was eating lunch then my friend Dani Barretto actually asked me if I could go with her to have her nails done, so I did go with her. There's this place in Taft called B.A.R. that does offer nail arts and hair dyes that's located at the University Mall in front of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. I remembered wanting to have my hair dyed but I was actually waiting for my hair to grow longer. Since I was already there and did I mention the really cheap price of hair coloring? So i went for it! I've always wanted to dye my hair red but not really that light red. I just wanted to have a big change cause ever since I shaved my head, I did nothing to it. Once again, I devirginized my hair! At first, I didn't know if red will compliment my skin color or whatever. Since fashion has no limit, it didn't stop me. So here are some pictures of the process. :) Well... does it look good on me? 

                                                                My cousin Josh visited me!

              The finished product!!! I really loved how it turned out! Will definitely keep this color! :>


  1. Ganda! Ang scary nung process though haha para kang binaril sa ulo :'( HAHA I tweeted you pero di ka nag-reply :| :)) dinelete ko na alng lol

  2. IKR!!!!! Para akong binaril sa ulo at tuwang tuwa pa ko! =))))))) THANK YOU!!!! >:D< I didn't see!!! What did you say? =))))

    1. Parang tatanggalin na yung hair mo HAHA tas dumugo. I complimented your hair sa tweet! :)) Oh em may nagpapa fan sign ulit HAHA aK0 d!n Pf0uWz =)))))


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