Saturday, July 14, 2012


           It's been a while since I attended a children's party. May I just say, I really missed this so much. I miss the vibes, the food, and hearing children scream! I remembered my party when I was 7. Now, all I do is party! HAHA! Anyways, my cousins (Sabina 8 and Santino 5) celebrated their birthday yesterday at Ayala Hillside. The venue was really nice! Big enough for a children's party. Here are some photos from yesterday's party! :) Photos are from

                                                           Santino, the birthday boy!!!!
                                                         Sabina, the birthday girl!!!
                                                      Guess who showed up! IRONMAN!

                                       Kidding! Just Tito Raymart in his Ironman get-up!

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