Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chill Pill

                             Button Down: Zara ; Jeans: Social Collision ; Mocassins: Superga

       For today's outfit, I just went from something relaxed and simple. I was a zombie early this morning because of the drowsy tablet I took for my colds. In result, a lazy lazy outfit. I still thought of it a little though. Wanted to look presentable still. Now, I'm loving my moccasins! It's the best thing ever! It goes well with everything. Thus exactly the male version of girl's ballet flats. No words can explain the feeling when wearing this pair! If you noticed, I'm using this pair in this week's outfit posts. What do you think? :)

Sorry for the bad lighting and quality! I tried everything just to show the color of my jeans. It's maroon! HAHA! =))

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